Friday, 19 October 2012

My week + Mini Superdrug Haul

Hey lovelies,

How has everyone been this week? 

It's been a bit of a mad week this week for me. Monday was spent packing up more bits for the house move next week. Tuesday and Wednesday I have been in the shop, but have been so so quiet due I think to the weather mainly so been looking up new bloggers, jobs and interviews galore! 

Yesterday I went to a job interview (fingers crossed people) and decided that as it was a particularly difficult interview I would treat myself to a mini Superdrug haul to cheer myself up. It's not all doom and gloom looking for work!

So here you go.......

In my haul was:
Rimmel Kate Lipstick Matt shade 107 £5.49 (I couldn't find a link for this)
Superdrug were doing the Eyeliner free with the other two so this total was = £16.48!!

I haven't used MUA before, but I have heard tonnes of people raving about it so thought id give it a go. I've been looking for a reasonable brow palette for a while now and this one looks great and reasonable. I'll do a review next week if I get a chance. I have also been looking for "the perfect" wine coloured lipstick for ages, and came across these from Kate Moss. I am reallly excited to try this out tonight for a meal out as it is a matt finish and I don't do gloss very well!

As I said I have been looking for jobs this week and moving/packing stuff for the big house move next week with the in-laws. We are downsizing for 6 months whilst the new house is being built and so that will be very interesting. I will hopefully do some posts next week but i'll have to see how I am doing for time. Looking forward though to a new job/working from home, new home and Halloween. As they say things always come 3 at once and I certainly have had that over the past few weeks. It is quite exciting though but will be requiring a very large drink come this time next week!

Tonight I am really excited as I am meeting up with an old friend and her boyfriend for dinner, I haven't seen her for ages as she moved away for work to Qatar, she is an air hostess. Tomorrow I am working, then seeing my famo tomorrow night, which will be a nice relax, then going to a wedding fair on Sunday :)

What are your plans this weekend? Whatever you do I hope you have a great one.




  1. Haha, I do the very same thing after a difficult day/experience - buy makeup. I have really been wanting to get a lip shade from the Kate Moss collection, but I can't find it anywhere near me!

    1. Really, try a big Asda store if you have one near you as they had them in there when i visited last week as well :-) good luck! x

  2. nice products *_* i really like the colour if lipstick! your blog is very good and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


  3. Im so jealous youve managed to get hold of the kate moss 107, its completely sold out in the boots and superdrug near me, i may have to order it online xx

    1. Yeah Ive seen it sold out near me as well now.... good idea! Ill check out your blog as well xx

  4. the kate moss lippy looks FAB! xxx

  5. i am waiting for my mua haul but did not bought the eyebrow kit. i do not know about that it something off from my interest tell us what you think maybe getting it next haul