Monday, 8 October 2012

George at Asda Nail Varnish Review + Patriotic Nails

Last week I went to Asda for my weekly shop as I was closer to my mums and Asda  always have better deals and offers compared to other supermarkets.

When I was browsing the rows though I saw that they do a make-up and nail range. I am probably really late to cotton onto this but nevertheless I bought a red nail polish and a black liquid eye-liner to try out.

I bought this Black liquid eye-liner for £2.75 and this nail varnish in Red for £1. 

The blue colour on my nail was to add a patriotic touch this week and is an old Essie one I have. So here are the results........

The colour went on pretty well and I did two coats and a top coat which is my usual routine however, after 2 days they started chipping :(

I thought that I would give it the benefit of the doubt at only being £1 and I'm not usually too harsh on brands but this one wasn't really cutting it from George considering for £1 I could have gone to the Poundshop and got another branded product. Oh well you win some you loose some eh. One point I will just add though is that I think it would be good for a quick night out as it dried really quickly. 

Have you bought any products from George lately? What did you think?

Lauren xxx


  1. I got some foundation from George as I thought I'd give it a go, it's ok, more like a tinted moisturizer but it covers well.

    How was the eyeliner?

    1. The eye liner was a bit too think to be honest and it didnt have a brust it was more of a sponge on the end of it so it was tricky to get the thiner line.

      How did you find the foundation?