Thursday, 4 October 2012


So I have been thinking of ways to increase customer numbers to the shop and how I can earn extra income before Christmas and one thing I'd love is a part time job, to supplement my income from the shop. I have been applying to tonnes and tonnes of jobs over the coming week, its no wonder we have so many people unemployed  nothing is easy when it comes to applying for jobs.

I was getting pretty stressed about it but I am keeping calm and carrying on so that the best outcome can come out of it.

In the mean time I am thinking about H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N which is soooo exciting, I love Halloween and the closeness we get with the spirit world, which is pretty up my street. This year I really want to dress up and cant think of what to go as, last year I was this....

Yes its a zombie school girl outfit but this year I was thinking something more vintagey... 

But low and behold ill probably end up going in this devil outfit as I already have it,

Most excitingly though it is time for homemade soups and pumpkins, hehehehe I love it!

Have you got a Halloween event this year, what are you dressing up as?


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