Monday, 8 October 2012

New Hair and Superdrug Own Hair Dye Review

My Guide to Home-Dying

To some of us dying our own hair is a total doddle to others it is a little bit scary. From my own experience if you are dramatically changing your hair colour I would recommend a visit to the hairdressers however like myself I refuse to pay the prices at hairdressers when I can get the same result at home :)

I left my hair quite a while this time before I decided that it really did need doing. Whilst packing up my house I found in the bathroom this Superdrug hair dye which I bought a couple of months ago and thought I would use it up.

 It is Colour Preformance in 5:0 Natural Medium Brown, permanent = £3.49 - bargain!

I have coloured my hair numerous times over the years (that makes me sound really old but I started dying at about 14) and I have been everything from disastrous blondes to vibrant reds. But as I was saying this colour was in my bathroom and I thought I should use it up before the big move.

Ewlll yukky gingery colour before hand....................................and a close up shot :)

Every box of hair dye recommends a strand test, I am stating here that this is my own review and it is up to you whether you do your own strand test or not. I have coloured my hair lots and lots of times and had various henna tattoos over the years and haven't fingers crossed touch wood had any issues dying my hair but please conduct a strand test for yourselves. 
Ok so the important part over.....

So here are the bits and pieces from the box, if you have dyed your hair before you know the drill. Put the conditioner into the shower for later then put on the plastic gloves.
Oh I forgot to mention above that I always brush out my hair completely and have to hand various clips and combs for use whilst dying the hair. And also remember to put a towel down and wear an old t-shirt.

Mix them up to a scary looking orange colour....

 So this is my tried and tested method for home dying, on yourself with no assistant (husband, boyfriend, any friend, mum etc)......

Parting the hair in the middle do a squirt along the hair line then rub into the roots, I always do the roots first regardless because I always have growth. oopps please ignore the washing in the background. At least it weren't pants, ewl yuk sorry please keep reading....... 

Giggle at yourself once you have roughly done the roots all over, including as best as you can the back. I use a clip to hold the front forward whilst I do the back.

Ohhh a bit scary, I apologise. Once I have done all the roots I use the rest to rub together really well and comb slightly the rest of the hair. I then start to time when I am confident it is all over. This was 30 minutes. I usually clean the bathroom in this time, wipe my face, drink some wine etc etc.

And the result was..............

Quite a nice dark brown ish colour with some red included. I do have a lot of natural red in my hair and the colour always regardless of what I do take more to the ends for a week or so until it has calmed down a bit.
I was quite pleased overall with this product, as good as the leading brands and for the price the colour and amount of product you get is good value for money. It has quite a strong ammonia smell like most hair dyes, comes with the home dying I suppose.

So do you home dye, what would you recommend? 

I hope you like it!



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  3. Hi thank you i absolutely love this. It inspired me to finally get the courage to decide to dye my own hair instead of going to the hair dresser. I'm going to dye it with a permanent dye i have already brought the SuperDrug color performance but i have been told all most all permanent hair dyes tend to burn the scalp or create this warm burning feeling. Did you experience this using this particular dye and any additional tips you can give me ? xxx :)