Thursday, 11 October 2012

October Glossybox Review and the end of

Dear Readers,

Well lots of people have been saying over the past few weeks on various blogs that Glossybox seems to have gone down hill and that is also my opinion too a little bit so this is my last Glossybox review as I have cancelled my subscription however not to sound completely doom and gloom I am on the look out for another similar type scheme so watch this space :-)

This months Glossybox for me had some Rodial facial products, Vichy moisturiser, Balance Me eye cream, Lady Gaga sample and a tiny bottle of Moroccan Oil treatment.

1. Lady Gaga Perfume. This is actually quite surprising this perfume  it's quite fruity smelling and has a unusual black colour liquid which when you spray comes out clear. I must admit the fragrance has grown on me but I wont be rushing out to buy it.

2. Rodial facial products. I haven't actually used these yet. I'm sure one of them is anti-wrinkle, great thanks Glossybox...

3 + 4. These two products are actually great! The Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream (RRP £20) is really good. I do think that it is a little pricey but I have used various eye creams before and this one is great as it doesn't sting and actually works on my eye area. Would recommend this product but not 100% yet sure whether I'll re purchase it purely on the price.
The facial moisturiser from Vichy is also a very good product. It too I think is a little pricey but it is from their new range of (anti ageing, cough cough Glossybox) and can be found here. It is a good moisturiser as it has hardly any scent and you only need a little bit which goes a long way.

5. Last but not least was this very tiny bottle of Moroccan Oil treatment for hair which even my camera can't focus on. I haven't used this yet.

*sigh* and it was going so well Glossybox. Oh well, I will be on the look out for a similar boxed company products for the future.

Have you had your October Glossybox or other similar company this month? How are your subscriptions going?



  1. I cancelled mine a while back for the same reason hun xx

  2. Jolie Box are so much better! I have reviews on my blog if you'd like to read them! And that was Septembers box lol! I just got my October Box and it is awful x

    1. oh really? what is the link to your blog hun? x