Monday, 26 March 2012

The House of my Dreams

So we've been looking for our first home...

We decided that the time was right to actually buy our own home and have been saving loooaddddsss for the past two years but the most we can afford is something like this....

But what I would love is something like this...

 or this!

 But what ill end up with is maybe something like this....

However, I insist on the rooms being decorated like this.... a la "Shabby Chic"

Well the search goes on. We have now reduced the location to be within an easy commuting distance :)

watch this space lovelies!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring in your step

Well today is officially the first day of spring also known as the spring equinox and that has definitely put a spring in my step! This is the day where there is the perfect balance between light and dark which reminds us that no matter how manic our lives can be there is always balance in nature, which has to occur in order for the world to carry on. In ancient times people worshipped this day and gave thanks for the harvest that looks promising for the year ahead. I always love this time of year as it makes me want to spring clean the house - leaving no book un dusted. My secret to my personal house clean is this:- 1. Squirt the bathroom and kitchen first with your chosen disinfectant - leave to soak in 2. Go round and dust the bedroom 3. Clean the bathroom and shake the bath mats 4. Work your way down the house leaving the hallway till last - this has a really nice psychological effect. No idea 5. clean the kitchen 6. Dust down stairs 7. Hoover from the top to bottom 8. Wash any hard floors 9. Finish off in the hallway 10. Open the windows 11. Do the curtains/ bedsheets 12. Buy flowers 13. Pour a glass of wine My very small 1 bedroom will take me the best part of a morning but I feel like I've burned about 1000 calories! Spring is also a great time of year for renewal and cleansing because nature is literally "waking up" from it's winter slumber. Trees are waking up, animals that hibernate are waking up and spring lambing starts. This is a great time to start a diet and exercise regime rather than in January because it seems more natural for the body. Try not to dwell on not achieving your new years resolutions, working on them now for a couple of months until the summer will do the trick! What I will be working on this week:- 1. drinking one herbal tea a day at least 2. Buying salad and eating it 3. Returning to my psychic circle 4. Doing at least one more run 5. Exfoliating and using gradual build up tan! Then remembering that I need to go easy around the ankles! Happy Springtime lovelies Xxxx

Monday, 19 March 2012

My New Blog!

Ok guys, well this is my new blog which I have promised myself that I would start at some point but haven't had the time nor the effort to do so. So here it is.... I have joined the blogging community, go me. Excuse the layout - clearly not a techno wizz but hey ho. 

I am going to be blogging about all sorts of random stuff. I love everything vintage/fashion and make-up and hair I am also getting married next year and so will be taking some time to blog about that. I am also a huge outdoors fan and I do spiritual nature walks in my town, so for those of you interested I will be blogging about that also! 

Things I love....

1. Red Lipstick

2. Vintage weddings

3. Spiritual walks

4. Cakes - look how pretty these are!

Have a great day all!