Monday, 26 March 2012

The House of my Dreams

So we've been looking for our first home...

We decided that the time was right to actually buy our own home and have been saving loooaddddsss for the past two years but the most we can afford is something like this....

But what I would love is something like this...

 or this!

 But what ill end up with is maybe something like this....

However, I insist on the rooms being decorated like this.... a la "Shabby Chic"

Well the search goes on. We have now reduced the location to be within an easy commuting distance :)

watch this space lovelies!


  1. Hi Lauren! Thank you for the follow on my blog! It's so lovely to discover yours too! All the very best for finding your perfect becomes an extension of oneself where you can dream and create. I look forward to seeing how it goes! Blessings, Tania ♥

  2. Thank-you lovely, you are my first follower! I'm pretty new to all this but have lots to talk about. Hope you enjoy :) xx