Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Spring time, snow in April, wedding prep!

Hola lovely ladies,

First things first why is it snowing in April?!?! I'm very confused over this and my body is too. I seem to have developed a cough/cold over the last few days and I have my sister in laws wedding next weekend and I have to be well for that!

It took me aggeeesss to find an outfit to wear for the wedding. I wanted to go for the cute, vintage effortless look. Could I find the perfect dress in February/March - NO. Luckily though after trawling through countless websites and giving up on vintage I have found a very agreeable number from Mina UK at a bargain price of £30 -hoorah! It is on their website but I got it from a stockist in a town near me. I have actually got 3 to choose from and have put a picture up of 2 below but decided to go with my first choice in the end (we are women we are allowed to), the navy one.

 Mina UK

Miss Selfridge - going to wear for a summer wedding

The third one is from Kurt Muller but is end of the line so I couldn't find a picture.

My next dilemma was what accessories to wear with it, the model is quite tall and as I'm only 5"2 the dress comes to my knees. I'm going for nude/pink colour peep toe shoes with statement earings from Accesorize and a "wow" handbag in pink. Navy shouldn't technically be a difficult colour to match but I haven't worn navy since my secondary school uniform so it was tricky. 

For my hair I'm going for this flower... and am going to attempt some form of an up-do. I'll get my other half to take a photo of the finished look and will upload. My make-up I want to keep very vintage and will go through my lippies to find the best one. 

So this weekend I got my hair trimmed and my nails done in a lovely pale pearly pink colour on Saturday. Whilst I was out I popped into Cancer research UK and bought myself a dressing table hand hold mirror which came in a set of 3 with a comb and brush for £6.50. It is silver and has a lovely design on. I'll take a photo of this too and upload. Rather annoyingly my camera takes it's photos too large and I'm yet to work out how to make them small enough to upload here :-)

Today I fell in love with the new Mulberry "Del Ray" range which is soon to be launched for their A/W range. The range is inspired by Lana Del Ray and I must say even I am thinking of saving up for the purple/brown one! An absolute splurge at £795, whilst saving for a wedding/house is going to be difficult. 

I wonder how much I need to blog about it to get a freebie....

Anyway. today I'm...
  • Thinking go away cold come back next week
  • Having a glass of white wine mid-week oops
  • Considering shaving and exfoliating and maybe starting to use gradual build up tan

That's it for now sweeties have a fab last working day before the Easter long weekend 

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