Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Vintage Posters

So I got Googling today for some images that I would like to either sell/display in my shop and look at these beauties. I just had to share them! I also thought that what with all of the hype about the Olympics and the use of our troops it was about time that someone stood up and said - Support Our Troops! 

These posters from WWI and WWII really capture that spirit of the patriotic time and I genuinely believe that is what is missing from people's opinions of using troops in the Olympics. For heaven's sake these men (and women) give their lives to protect our country and your moaning that some large company cant put enough staff on to protect our games. Quite frankly we should be ashamed, I personally would feel safer having troops there anyway! 

OK rant over, back to the posters. Feast your eyes on these, if they don't make you feel proud to be British right now then I don't know what else can. Some of these are American but I have added them in as well. I apologise for the spacing and the quality, I am still trying to get the hang of this :)

This came from rationing, people had to start to can food. Id love to try it one day!

I love how they tried to make sure everyone kept smiling! A real trooper!
One of the classics :)
This is great, can you imagine how girls felt, probably a mixture of excitement and scare
I just love this one.

This is one of my favourites


This is an Underground poster, they wanted to make sure the troops could get home and so wanted to ensure people weren't making unnecessary journeys 

Well guys I hope you liked them, feel free to comment if you like :)

Another Underground poster.

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