Monday, 23 July 2012

So the shop so far....

Well I have now officially left the corporate world and throwing my all into running my own business and starting my vintage shop - Scarlet Realm. I have been a busy bee and I thank you for all supporting me so far. So as you saw before my shop needs some work and have been deciding on colours. I have gone for one wall in a greeny colour and 3 walls in cream. It really needs brightening up so I think this will do the trick. 

I love these colours...
I love the mixture of green and cream here

Vintage Bike

Just a bathroom with the colours I'd like

Shabby chic furniture
  Me and my mum have an obsession to say the least with the colour green, but I think it can work really well in my shop. So I have taken some paint testers and so far I have...
Dulux Ocean Ripple - I think this is too pale

Dulux Willow Tree - the one on the right hand wall

I have also got Crown "Flagon" -

I am very torn but I don't actually think any of them are perfect. I just love Farrow and Ball colours...
Farrow & Ball Vert De Terre
Farrow & Ball Saxon Green

So guys that's it for today but I will be keeping you updated with the progress 


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