Tuesday, 31 July 2012

An insight into.... my wardrobe

So I decided, in preparation for us moving house, I should clear out my wardrobe and give a bag to charity. What I seemed to forget was the extent of my clothes and decided to be ruthless in clearing out, only to find I could only make a small bag to take to the charity shop. 

Well I made the decision to organise every type of item into colour order and as you will see below I have a lot to sort out......

This is my wardrobe before the clear out = lots of shoes on top and below and a miss- match of clothing

Wardrobe before
 So I organised my dresses into colour order, a couple of vintage gems!
Dresses light to medium

Dresses medium to black
 I had 17 dresses in all - how many dresses do you have? 
I did the same for my skirts as well... and counted 14 skirts. This is just some of them.

I was going to do the same for the tops but I would have been there literally all day. This took me 2 hours. I also had 17 cardigans, one for each dress clearly!

Anyway, my question this week is, have you cleared out your wardrobe recently and got rid of some unwanted items? Its a very powerful thing to do and can really spring clean your wardrobe. 

Next week I will make a promise to tackle the shoes and then show you a final picture of the wardrobe. 

I am looking to update a few bits and pieces from my wardrobe and am realllyyy looking forward to the Autumn/Winter collections. Miss Selfridge is one of my particular favourites and I am loving the preview of the new collection - http://www.missselfridge.com with words like "Ladylike" and "Peplum" in the same sentence I am going "geeeeeeee" in excitement! Also, I am loving the Oasis Autumn/Winter collection - http://www.oasis-stores.com the "Modern Army" collection sounds very exciting. 

p.s. sorry for talking about Autumn/Winter already but I do love a change over season :D

mucho love xxxxxxx

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