Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A lovely summertime walk

Tomorrow is Lughnasadh - this is an ancient Gaelic festival to celebrate the harvest of the year and is celebrated on the 1st August. It isn't a commonly celebrated festival but I believe it is still celebrated in Ireland in some places. 

Lovely purple field
To celebrate and give thanks to this years harvest, on Saturday me and Rocky decided to go walking and we had a really great time. The fields around Thaxted are just gorgeous at the moment. This field is a field of lovely purple and white flowers. I am not sure exactly what type of crop this is and I have tried to Google it. Ill have to ask a farmer next time I see one.

Close up image

The rape seed fields look lovely at the start of the summer when they are the luscious yellow colour but they turn a nasty brown before they are harvested. They are currently being harvested and are really smelly, and being ploughed for the next season. But, have you used rape seed oil for cooking? This can be found in most supermarkets and makes a lovely alternative to vegetable oil and it feels good to know we are keeping our farmers in work!

So we walked for about 2 and a half hours and I picked some lovely wild flowers. See next post where I got creative with them :)

Have you been walking lately? It is really lovely to get outside when the weather is fine and make use of the great British countryside. What I love about being a country girl is that the landscape is constantly changing. Last summer the fields were beans and this year they have been rape seed oil. 

Hope you enjoy :)

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