Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Shop Now Open!

Well all you lovely vintage followers my shop is now well and truly open and I have been meaning to blog for some time to show you the photos. Please excuse my photography skills aren't the best!

As you can see a lot of work was needed to be done, including all of the paint, woodwork and a good overall clean up

The amazing fiancĂ© helped :)

I decided to paint one wall green which was quite effective...

...And the finished result is as follows....

Above is the seating area, look at the amazing throne, on loan to me by my in laws.
Below is the ladies accessories area...

And this is the kitchen/household items....

All in all the shop took me 2 weeks, which was one week longer than I originally thought, however considering I haven't had any professional training I don't think I did a bad job and the result is really effective. Some of the furniture is on loan from my in laws and they have been amazing lending me some bits. Thankfully my fiance's boss was getting rid of a couple of bits such as the shelves and corner units which I think is very thrifty of me, which is after all what I am all about :-D

Finally, I got to bring in all of the lovely vintage items and use old fashioned luggage labels to design labels for some of the products. I bought a stamp off The English Stamp company and used a mixture of bird and vine stamps to create the vintage effect labelling. I am really proud of the result :-D

This week I have been focusing on advertising, and I am now also blogging for Essex Life which is amazing, and I am so excited about reaching across to everyone in Essex. Watch this space Essex Life Readers!

Also this week I took delivery for my bust and my lovely kraft carrier bags... Again I have used the stamping technique and attached red ribbon to create a really effective bag design which I hope makes shoppers smile.

well guys that's the shop so far and I hope you enjoy, next week look out for the clothes that I will be bringing in to the shop :)


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