Saturday, 22 September 2012

Downton Abbey Returns

So Autumn is nearly upon us and that can only mean one thing. The return of the brilliant Downton Abbey written by Julian Fellows. The great thing about Downton is the amazing cast and costume pieces which I personally think have been done to a very high standard. Look at the lovely fashion shot of the sisters in this picture...

During the WWI and the early 20s, the public were encouraged to be patriotic and a way to show this was by their fashion. Women started to wear narrow skirts and even long trousers as fabric became more scarce due to the outbreak of the war. Skirts started to narrow and hemlines started to get shorter to conserve on cloth. This image remained much until the "Swinging Twenties" emerged with the so called Flapper fashion, which has almost became iconic as the fashion of the 20s.


You cannot write a 1920s fashion blog without talking about the iconic Flapper dress of the era. The flapper was categorised by a slightly shorter hemline. A boxy un shaped dress which bought the waistline low and often sleeveless arms. Women started to cut their hair short and wore rather ornate head pieces. This look was very masculine and was what they were trying to achieve with the look. Dresses of this style reduced the image of a ladies bust and made the chest flat and silhouette long and shapeless. 
This is the classic Flapper image.

Hats and Headpieces

One thing I have noticed when reading about 1920s fashion is the look of womens hats and headpieces. One iconic hat is the cloche hat, I just love this image of Angelina Jolie in "Changeling".

I got a very similar one from Next recently but I can't seem to find it on the internet :-( Ill take a picture soon and upload it! There are very similar ones on the market this year, if you are looking to buy one I would recommend a colour that blends with the Autumn/Winter trends to see you right through. Either a plum, brown or beige colour is always a winner!

I must source this website as it was full of great facts for this article -

I did find this cloche one from Accessorize is great!  They actually have lots in at the moment and I am always happy to try new products Accessorize...

So have you been watching Downton this series and if so what are your opinions on the fashion? 

Lauren xxx


  1. I'm so excited about this season of Downton it is unreal! I've only just finished watching the first episode... I have a little Downton ritual where I like to snuggle up in bed with a cup of tea to watch it- there must be no distractions! x)

    I am in love with Lady Mary's wedding dress, it was just so stunningly beautiful!


    ps: Thanks for following my blog! :)

    1. No worries and thank you, been looking around your blog :) I love the hair pieces in Downton and really want to find a modern day equivalent