Sunday, 10 June 2012

An Update....

Well helllooo all,

I am very sorry I haven't posted for quite sometime but here I am and wanted to update on some bits!

I have been making my dream to open a vintage shop a reality and been buying stock from various places :)

Also I am looking for a part time job so that I can start out properly and have been moving my Grandma from her old house. So as you can imagine I have been rather busy with all of this.

Nevertheless I have not forgotten you and would love some ideas from you all about crafty things to sell in my shop. I love the blog for some true inspiration! I have been considering getting out my sewing machine lent to me by my Grandma but am a little bit scared!

Finally, I have been working on my spiritual side as this is another side of my business which I would like to develop. I can do spiritual readings and workshops in the Essex area and will be happy to discuss this with any of you.

So where is my shop.... Bretts Farm, Chelmsford Road, Essex CM6 1RF

Love all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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